Live Bait (1971-74)

When the 1970-71 academic year ended four York University grads with high expectations and no particular career plans decided to form a rock n' roll band. Guitarist Herb Hilderley's job in traveling textbook sales led him along highways throughout Northern Ontario. He came up with the name for the band after seeing it plastered on signs everywhere he drove: "We'll get a lot of free advertising." The name stuck and a weekly practice schedule established at the National Rehearsal Studios of Canada. The first week-long gig was at the White Castle Hotel on Kingston Road in Scarborough, Ontario. The band's repertoire included covers of favourite songs (some old, some new), and a growing number of originals. "Listen Jack" was the lead-off song at gigs.

Watch "Listen Jack" video on YouTube:


Free Advertising

Jim Algie

Herb Hilderley

James Fitchette (with Herb Hilderley)

Bob Barraclough

Practice night at the National Rehearsal Studios, Toronto

Cool Calling Card