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Bear Claw Bob

Highway 11 Blues
debuted on Bob's 2002 album Liberty Town and was also featured on 2015's Parking Lot Afternoon.

Now, to celebrate a new year of North Ontario music history, as well as Bob's 75th birthday, the song has been released in a newly remixed and remastered version as a single. Always a favourite with fans, Highway 11 Blues was inspired by Bob's exploits with the Bear Claw Blues Band, traveling up and down the region's main highway corridor to play in hotels, bars and restaurants in small towns scattered along the way, many of which are now bypassed by a new four-lane expressway.

An official music video for this tune was released in 2013. You can view it by following this LINK.


Music and lyrics, arrangement, vocals & instruments, recording and mixing by Bob Barraclough

Copyright: Bob Barraclough 2022

Track Length: 3:29

Release Date: 2022/03/22

Distribution: CDBaby

Performing and Reproduction Rights Administration: SOCAN

Track ISRC: CAVL21600059



The North Ontario One-Man Band

"Bear Claw Bob" Barraclough started performing music when he was a youngster, and the directions this Canadian songwriter, musician and recording artist's career have taken him are as diverse as his repertoire.

"Stylistically my music doesn't fit snugly into any particular category," Bob says. "There are blues, country, folk, rock and roll and R&B influences. When I write songs they come from an inner space; it's hard fit them into a standard genre.I concentrate on letting creative processes unfold, and just enjoy the experience."

Bob came from a musical family. His mother and father both played, sang and listened to a wide variety of styles around the home. They made sure that Bob took piano lessons and sang in church choirs. As a teenager, he played clarinet and tuba in his high school marching band and studied music composition.

During his college days Bob took up guitar, mandolin and harmonica, performing in coffee houses and at hootenannies.In 1971, in step with the times, he co-founded Toronto's hard rock Live Bait Band. Through the 1980's bob performed country, soul and classic rock around cottage country north of the city with a number of bands as a singer, bass and guitar player. In 1999 he founded North Bay's Bear Claw Blues Band, and it was in that era that he adopted his stage name.

In the 21st Century, Bob continues to perform with other musicians and as a solo act. He channels his energies into writing,recording and producing records of original compositions along with covers of his favourite artists' work. Some of his favourite venues for recent performances include local Farmers' Markets and the French River Cruise aboard the Chief Commanda II.

copyright (2022) Bob Barraclough