Bear Claw Bob

"Bear Claw Bob" Barraclough started performing music when he was a youngster, and the directions this Canadian songwriter, musician and recording artist's career have taken him are as diverse as his repertoire.

"Stylistically my music doesn't fit snugly into any particular category," Bob says. "There are blues, country, folk, rock and roll, R&B and even classical, Latin and show tune influences. When I write songs they come from an inner space; it's hard fit them into a standard genre. I prefer letting creative processes unfold without that kind of boundary, and enjoy the experience of making something unique."

The underlying foundation of his music is a Blues Feeling. "Blues isn't only about a style of music, and it's not only about being sad, its about an honest response to knowing what we're all about." 

From the mid 1960's Bob has performed in front of audiences in groups and as a solo act at folk club coffee houses, country music jamborees, community events, private parties, big city and small town taverns, blues festivals, and myriad other venues too numerous to list. His repertoire has been wide-ranging, and includes many original songs. He has released three commercial Cd's of recorded music; his original tunes are streamed world wide on multiple platforms.

Today he channels his energies into writing, recording and producing records of original compositions along with covers of his favourite artists' work, and continues to perform throughout the year with other musicians and as a solo act.  Some of his favourite venues include local Farmers' Markets and the French River Cruise aboard the Chief Commanda II on beautiful Lake Nipissing.

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